Installation Photo's


Here the VirtualRoll system is installed in a Steinway Duo-Art Reproducing Piano

Steinway Valve Board Detail Steinway VirtualRoll Install

The VirtualRoll valve boards neatly attach-to and fit well within the footprint of the stack.


Here the VirtualRoll system is installed in a Knabe Ampico B. This particular VirtualRoll installation was performed by Craig Brougher. The photo on the right highlights the "double tee's" used in the installation.

Kanabe Ampico B Picture

The VirtualRoll is highly modular and easy to install.

The photo below (on the lower left) highlights a VirtualRoll "installation in process" on a Steinway AR.

Notice the simplified tubing layout based on the latest VirtualRoll valve boards.

KenLongsARInstallation MarshallWendellToploader

The right photo highlights an "installation in progress" on a Marshall and Wendell Toploader Ampico, 1927.

Click here (a link to an .mp3 file) to hear this Marshall & Wendell upright toploader piano being played by the VirtualRoll.


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