Pre-Delivery Testing

In the weeks prior to final delivery, Bob arranged for the newly restored piano (East Coast Piano Rebuilding) and the restored player mechanism (The Hunt Piano Company) to go through a "break-in" period. The piano was played first by a Vorcetzer (see below) and then played by the VirtualRoll. The break-in period allows the piano and the reproducing mechanism to settle in and regulation, tuning, voicing can be fine-tuned.


Vorcetzer playing VirtualRoll and Bob playing


Click here (a link to an .mp3 file) to listen . Click here and here for additional recordings of the same Mason & Hamlin being played by the Vorcetzer.

As the restoration project neared completion, I was invited to visit East Coast Piano Rebuilding to see my grand piano completely restored and the VirtualRoll in action. Here is a photo of the piano as I saw it for the first time being played by the VirtualRoll.

Duo-Art Open to view

I simply cannot speak highly enough about the quality of Bob and Brian's work on the piano. The attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship in every aspect of the restoration was absolutly impeccable. (as word of mouth told me it would be)

Hear the VirtualRoll playing this piano!

Click here (a link to an .mp3 file) to listen to this piano (the piano pictured above) being played by the VirtualRoll. The tune you hear playing is a Fats Waller transcription by John Farrell. One of many e-Rolls available for free download for use with the VirtualRoll. Please see the useful links page to see what music is available for the VirtualRoll. Here is

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